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By Alina Pirvu

Brand Jamming @Brunel

On 05, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In Design & Branding, Events | By Alina Pirvu

Last week I had the lovely chance to be part in a one day exploration of the inter-relationship of Brands and the Digital Economy at Horizon Digital Brand Jam @ Brunel.

From the very morning the room was  filled by the buzz of people arriving and enjoying a chat and a coffee.  And what an amazing crowd: brand experts, academic representative from renowned universities, business experts, digital media experts, as well as Brunel design, branding & innovation students acting as facilitators to the workshop.

Soon after 9:30 the doors closed and the event was ready to begin. The four sessions smartly covered some of the most important current issues in branding nowadays:

  1. Brand Landscape – ex: How might Digital Economy change consumer lifestyles?
  2. Brand Ownership & Management – ex: How might ‘Collaborative Consumption’ affect brand ownership and management?
  3. Digital Brand Experience – ex: Roles of Digital Gaming in Brand Experience
  4. Future Brand Study – What and where next?

All outcomes have been visualised on boards and displayed for people to further discuss on.

Being part of this experience as a facilitator was an enormous challenge. Never have I ever had so interesting opinions at a table with regard to brands. And the entire discussion revealed that there is a need for a better and broader understanding of brands, especially in different contexts and industries. But this is a topic to further be explored. Maybe at a next Brand Jam edition? 🙂


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