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By Alina Pirvu

A day @Acanchi

On 04, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In Design, Design & Branding | By Alina Pirvu

Last week me and my Brunel team had the chance to pay a visit to Acanchi Consultancy and talk about our research on the future of the urban luxury hotel room in terms of design.

Despite the rather tricky weather our excitement of meeting the Acanchi team and especially Fiona Gilmore reached unmeasurable values. We entered the small office located right in the heart of London and we were welcomed by a nice, home-like atmosphere and friendly people.

We knew the presentation by heart, everyone knew the others’ parts also but one could still tell how nervous we were. However, the feedback we received was of great value to our work and pointed us to new directions of research and investigation if we decide to keep looking into the topic.

We ended by having a fantastic conversation with Fiona and her team on cultures and the Acanchi journey and projects, while enjoying some nice ginger beer. On my way out I couldn’t not think about how exciting and challenging it must be to work across the world and construct meaningful brands for regions and entire nations that reflect millions of people, their traditions and beliefs. And this was for me yet another inspirational day in my pursuit for change through the power of brands and smart design.

Oh, and this is us – a nice mix of cultures: Brazilian, Romanian, Greek, Chinese and Taiwanese (he’s taking the pic)  : )


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